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Thank You!
We look forward to making sure your event is one you will always remember 


Phone: (310) 415-2594

Fax:      (310) 861-1833



If you are using rented items our staff will prepare them for pickup by the rental company. Please take note, A-List Party Staffing Service and our staff are not responsible for any damage to personal items or accidental breakage. 

A damage waiver should be provided by your rental company. If you are using your own serving items that require extra attention like (delicate stemware, family heirlooms, priceless items), please inform the staff in the beginning of the event. Please make special arrangements for the care of these items, and any personal items that might be damaged prior to the start of your event. 


A-List Party Staffing Service  will not be responsible for any disposables that get thrown away accidentally that you want to save. If guests throw them away or they get broken or another helper throws disposables away we will not refund or replace those items. We will not light  candles in private homes unless this is a large event space. 


If the client agreement is not returned and signed 48-hours prior to your event date, via fax or scan to our office, A-List Party Staffing Service reserves the right to notify you and cancel our services. 


If client cancels within 72 hours of an event there is a 100% nonrefundable fee of the total payment. Prior to 72 hours 50% is refundable, meaning 50% is nonrefundable if within 5 days. The fee is based on the total of the invoice that is pre-agreed upon.


If a client requests a staffer and for any reason they are not able to make it last minute and we are not able to cover, the fee is refundable 100%. If we can cover the event regardless of a requested person and specific to their name, this is not refundable. We are still in contract.

If staff show up and work regardless of the satisfaction of the service by the client, services rendered must be paid in full for all hours worked and kept on the site. If staff are asked to leave before five hours, they must be paid for five hours. All last minute bookings within 72 hours and then client calls or emails to cancel after payment has been made and before agreement signed, are still subject to NO REFUND.


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