“A-List Party Staffing Service” offers professional staff at an affordable price. All of our staff has experience in either: fine dining, or home parties.  (We also require California Serve Safe Certification)

With an experienced team of staffing specialists, “A-List Party Staffing Service” is dedicated to making your events the best they can be!  Help is just a phone call away!


We provide:​

  • Server

  • Chef Helper

  • Captain

  • Food Runner

  • Tray Passer

  • Busser

  • Dishwasher

You far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend you to my friends and

family. Thank you so much!

-Karen G.





Our servers will work with you to learn all about the featured dishes, how you

want then prepared and how and when you want them served. They can help get your buffet set-up and help with just about all general duties and party needs that arise. Afterwards they are on hand to help tidy up, wash dishes, put away food and beverages and make sure the space looks exactly like it did or better than before the event started. 

Chef Helper


Our chef helpers have more extensive knowledge of the kitchen and will help you with food prep. If you need help with starting the meal and getting hot items into the oven, trays ready for appetizers or a salad made before your guests arrive, these individuals are very comfortable and creative in the kitchen. 


We will definitely be using you again and referring you to our friends.

You and your team were knowledgeable, skilled, on time, clean, professional and polite.


-Jim Sydney



I have been a client of A-List for over ten years.  The staffing pool is extremely capable, professional, trustworthy and talented.   I have had staffing needs filled from something as basic as washing dishes, to cooking my recipes, to setting up a beautiful buffet and serving for a formal dinner party.  I highly recommend them.


-Barbara B. 



Whether you need a staff for your corporate venue or special event, or having a party or gathering with friends and entertaining at home, “A-List Party Staffing Service” has the staffing service solution that’s right for you.  



A captain oversees the crew and their activities and is the main contact for the host or hostess. They also serve the guests. The captain is the liaison between the kitchen staff and the crew. They make sure that all of the staff are dressed correctly, that all the tables are set correctly, they make sure that everything goes without a hitch and most importantly can work well under pressure and can assist the team and the guests in a friendly 

and hospitable manner.   

Food Runner


A runner is a very important key player to any event. They help get food out in a timely fashion. The runner makes sure that each dish looks perfect and is presentable. They get food out while it is still hot. The runner also assists with refilling drinks, replenishing food, keeping an eye on the buffet table, etc. Runners can also assist the busboys. 


Tray Passer


A Tray passer circulates throughout your event with a great smile and passes Hors D’ Oeuvres. They are also knowledgeable of the food being served and makes sure each guest has a napkin handed to them with their Hors D’ Oeuvres. Tray passers can also assemble your food and during the party they can assist the bussers, food runners and the wait staff. 




Typically people think of a busboy as someone who cleans tables and washes them

down. In fact they are much more. They not only wipe tables down, they empty trash cans,

pick up after spills, they can get drinks for your guests and are very hospitable. The busser can also help greet your guests and guide them to their designated areas. 


Dish Washer


Dishwashers are an essential part of any event.   Dishwashers make sure that all of your dishes are washed properly. They make sure that the plates are all scraped before they are rinsed and packed. They also make certain that the rentals are ready to go back to the rental company by being placed in the proper crates and boxes. The dishwashers make sure that scullery is set up prior to the event start time. Scullery is a back room or kitchen that is used to clean and dispose of all dirty dishes from the event away from your guests




Call us at (310) 415-2594 or Contact us TODAY for a quote or any questions you have. We look forward to working with you and making you and your guests feel like you are on the “A-List”.

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